Month: January 2015

Home Improvement Sales People have a reputation somewhere between a Used Car Salesman and a Politician. Movies like Tin Men and Glen Gary Glenn Ross expose the chicanery that, unfortunately, is still practiced and taught. Choosing the right contractor based on the merit of his or hers sales pitch is like picking a leper with…


Ice Damming can occur whenever snow accumulates on a roof for a period of time. Despite temperatures being below freezing, snow will begin melting due to 2 main factors. Radiant energy from the sun Poorly insulated attic During daylight hours the sun’s rays begin melting the snow from the outside, while the temperature of the…


Expanding your crew can be more difficult that simply setting up an interview. We install our own work—we don’t use subcontractors. We’d like to hire subcontractors, but here’s the problem: there are less and less of them and the good ones want a lot of money. Plus, we want someone showing up in our vehicles,…


Drive down just about any street in Morristown, or any town in North Jersey, and you can’t miss a home that has dark stains streaking down the roof. They look as if they were shot with a black paint ball. The lighter the roof, the more they stand out. It’s often mistaken as soot, dirt,…


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