Author: Mike Damora

Home renovation is no small task. You probably already know that choosing the right materials to use in your remodels will make a world of difference down the line. What building materials are best suited for window frames? Fiberglass and vinyl are both readily available options and are comparable in a number of ways, but…


If you’re an eco-conscious 21st century consumer, you’re not alone in wanting to invest in products and solutions that minimize your environmental footprint. Don’t worry – undertaking a major home improvement project, like renovating your home’s siding, doesn’t have to produce a negative environmental impact. As you undertake your search for the right siding material,…


K & B Home Remodelers, a James Hardie Preferred Remodeling Contractor located near Morristown, New Jersey will now show you how to properly install James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding, which is quickly becoming the most desired exterior cladding in Morris County. Unlike aluminum and vinyl siding, which usually goes directly over most home’s existing wood…


Roof algae can present a major problem. Although algae’s effect on the shingles themselves is relatively minor, it can result in more problematic growths like mold and lichen, which can give way to moisture damage. Additionally, algae can drastically lower a home’s curb appeal. So what’s a homeowner to do? The Problem of Roof Algae…


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