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Most people think a roof is a roof. Actually the roofing material visible on a house—the shingles—is the tip of the iceberg, the visiblepart of a mostly invisible system. That system is made up components— layers and accessory elements—working together to protect the house from weather. These include the roof decking (or “sheathing”)—plywood or oriented…


Many people don’t ask contractors questions because they think they don’t know what to ask. Actually, you don’t need to know much, or anything, about construction, to find out what you need to know before hiring a contracting company. Think about that conversation as a job interview because that’s what it is. You’re hiring someone…


Here’s how you find the contractor you need and get the job you want. Contracting and contractors intimidate people. They’re like auto repair shops. Most people wouldn’t know how to frame out a room or put on a roof any more than they’d know how to fix their own car. Why would you know? That’s…


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