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Technology has advanced a tremendous amount over the last few decades and your home’s siding is no different, it has become much stronger and durable that siding options of the past.

Wood has been a popular home siding option for generations but it wasn’t perfect. Wood can be prone to chipping and requires a fair amount of maintenance to keep it looking well year after year.

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How does the product hold up in different climates?
LP SmartSide is designed to hold up through impact, freezing/thawing, high humidity and even fungal decay

Does the material come primed? Can I paint the product?
All of LP’s products come primed so that paint can adhere well.

What is the water resistance of the product?
LP’s SmartGuard technology has been tested in some of the rainiest climates in the world and still stands up year after year.

Does this hold up better over time compared to regular wood siding?
One of the biggest advantages of LP siding is it’s traditional wood look combined with strength that you wouldn’t expect from wood. These products are designed to offer supreme durability and beauty compared to wood.

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