Roofing Contractors Chatham NJ

Roofing Contractors Chatham NJ

K&B Home Remodelers is happy to provide the community of Chatham New Jersey with their range of roofing services. Located in Morris County and close to our headquarters in Randolph we find ourselves working here often. The homeowners are great and we are currently accepting projects from people in the need of new roofs. Chatham NJ has a population of around 10,000 and has 3,000 homes. Whether you live near Kelley’s Pond at Brookside Grove or off Washington Street, we are familiar with the community and are here to help?

Our roofing services are here to make sure that homeowners get high quality materials that are installed correctly. Too often homeowners will choose a one man company roofer and they end up getting burned. We are a full service exterior remodeling company and one of our specialties is roofing. This allows for our entire company to be accountable and it leads to truly nice work time in and time out. 

Atlas Roofing Shingles: 

Atlas roofing is our trusted roofing manufacturer that allows us to leave a project confident that the homeowners will be truly protected. On top of the material being quality, they also come in a wide range of styles and colors so each homeowner can get the perfect roof that they desire. 

Explore Why Atlas Roofing is Our Go-to:

At K&B Home Remodelers we have a great team that will be as helpful as possible from the start. Whether it be roof repair that you need or a roof replacement, we will give you an estimate to diagnose the situation properly. 

For more information please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at (862) 305-0462 or through our online contact form. 

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