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Long Hill is one of the many towns located a short commuters distance away from New York City. Located just an hour away from the sprawling metropolis, Long Hill has a population of around 8,700, and has been around since 1866, then known as the Passaic township. Today, it is home to several families and workers, many of whom take advantage of the quick drive to New York, Jersey City, and Newark. We are happy to be able to offer our roofing and siding services to yet another town surrounding the dynamic New York City area.


As one of the key parts in protecting your home from invasive wind, rain and debris, it benefits you to maintain your roof regularly to ensure its integrity, and when required, replace it. That’s why K&B Homes offer comprehensive roofing maintenance and installation services to ensure that the solutions you need are just a quick call away. We regularly perform roof inspections to check and make sure that your roof is structurally sound, and can spot potential problems before they become an issue. With over 24 combined years of experience in the industry, we are confident that we can cater to whatever your roof needs.


Siding is another key part of your home’s defense system against the elements, and is responsible for shielding against the same calamities as your roof. And just like your roof, it requires regular maintenance, and after a certain time period, replacement. That’s why we offer regular siding inspections and replacements, to ensure that your home’s exterior remains top notch. Beyond that, we also offer painting and cleaning as well, to ensure that your home not only protects your home, but looks good doing it.

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