Roofing, Siding & Window Contractors in Kinnelon NJ

Kinnelon NJKinnelon is one of the many towns boarding New York City and is home to just over 10,000 people. A charming township, it has evolved from its agricultural roots to become an ideal suburban town and is home to numerous schools, parks, and shops in the area. Its location gives it the advantage of having the charm of a small-town community, with the convenience of being nearby a major urban center. Kinnelon is full of beautiful homes spread throughout the township. We are excited to be able to service the homes in the area and provide roofing, siding, and window contracting for all of them! Read below for more information on the services that we offer in Kinnelon, NJ.

Roofing Contractors in Kinnelon, NJ

Roofing is undoubtedly one of the major parts of a home’s exterior and bears most of the resistance against elemental challenges like rain, wind, extreme temperatures, and debris. Therefore, it is vital that your roof is solid and sealed tight to avoid moisture damage, rotting, and heat loss.

This is where K&B Home Remodelers comes in. Our contractors are the best of the best, with 24 years of experience under their belts working with several projects both commercial and residential. We offer roof installation, replacement, repair & inspection to ensure that any need you have is covered. Our team also works with some of the best asphalt shingle manufacturers in the industry. Count on us to take your roof’s potential to the next level!

Siding Contractors in Kinnelon, NJ

Siding is another key part of your home’s defense system and faces many of the same calamities as your roof. That said, it has the additional responsibility of being the face of your home and needs to maintain a certain appearance in order to make sure your home looks presentable. The right siding option can drastically improve your curb appeal.

For this, K&B offers siding installation, replacement, and inspection services to ensure that your home’s facade looks and performs great. We work with the leading manufacturers in sidings like CertainTeed and James Hardie. All of the products we install are built for New Jersey’s climate. Similar to roofing, we hold high standards to the contractors we assign for the job and work with the best siding companies in the business. You can rely on us to get your siding work done!

Windows Contractors in Kinnelon, NJ

Windows are another major player in your home’s exterior, but they have a huge impact on your interior as well. They function as key exterior protection against roofing and siding, as well as provide ample light to enter into the building. Needless to say, your windows must be strong enough to withstand natural forces while sealed tightly enough to ensure that heat loss is reduced.

To do this, K&B offers excellent window contracting services that are dedicated to ensuring that your windows are on-par with the highest standard. We offer installation & replacement, offering the best windows available that are guaranteed to be sturdy, aesthetic, and efficient. Contact us today to learn more about our Andersen Window installation services.

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