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One of the many towns located near Jersey City, Lyndhurst’s roots stretched back to when the land was first settled on in 1691, and was the subject of many shifts and changes throughout history. Initially starting as an agricultural area, it became host to an industrial boom, and was home to several machineries and metal manufacturers.  Today, it is home to a population of over 22,000 people, and is popular town for families and workers who commute to the city. We are proud to be able to support the community here through offering roofing and siding for them.


Roofing is important when it comes to the protection of your home, as it ensures that you and your belongings remain safe from wind, water, debris, and harsh temperatures. This requires your roof to be sealed tight and be free of leaks and gaps, as well as having good shingles that are in shape, and will not crack or fall off in harsh weather.

To meet this need, K&B Home Remodelers offer the best roofing services on the market. We task only the best and most experienced contractors to work on your home, and utilize the best materials on the market, such as Atlas roofing shingles and Tamko roofing products, to ensure that our work on your roof lasts for several years to come. Relax knowing that you are sleeping tight under a strong roof by contacting K&B Home Remodelers today!


Siding is another major component in your home’s protective exterior, and it faces similar struggles to your roofing when it comes to battling the rigor of the natural elements. However, an added responsibility is that it has to retain a greater level of aesthetic quality, due to the fact that it serves as your home’s facade. Therefore, it is paramount that you select a high-quality material for the siding, and qualified contractors to install it.

This is where K&B comes in. As contracting experts with several years of experience, we are firm believers in combining the best of both siding products and installers to ensure that we do the best job possible.  To achieve this, we partner with only the best siding companies, including James Hardie, who are infamous for their renowned fiber-cement product Hardieplank. Strong, low-maintenance, and impervious to moisture, rot, and insect damage, it is the logical choice for any siding expert.


Another vital element to your home’s protection, windows also serve the same job as siding protecting your home from natural elements, and it similarly pulls double duty, allowing light and natural scenery to come into the home while still remaining just as solid and sealed as the siding. Once again, a proper choice in product and good installation remain major players in the game.

K&B is more than happy to meet this need through our window installation services. Our contractor brings high standards of experience and skill to this job, and are confident in their ability to select and install any window product you see fit. We partner with top window manufacturers Andersen and Provia to ensure that you get solid job that lasts.

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