Siding Contractors in Chatham, NJ

At K&B Home Remodelers, we’re glad to provide Chatham, NJ homeowners with our home siding replacement services. Chatham is a borough within Morris County that is quickly growing because it’s such a fantastic place to live. The community is only 2.5 square miles, so residents love to walk and bike to get around. Chatham is home to about 9,000 residents but on the rise due to its location and the small-town feel that it offers. Even though Chatham is small in area, over 3,000 homes fill the town. Contact our team today if you’re in need of a siding contractor in Chatham, NJ.

Siding Replacement Contractors in Chatham, NJ

Our team at K&B has always focused on helping homeowners side their homes with options that they can trust in our New Jersey climate. The siding of your home covers a large area, so its responsible for shielding you from weather and anything else it comes in contact with. Your siding is like a shield but it also has a big impact in your home’s look and first impressions. That’s why you need a siding solution that covers all aspects and a contractor to help. Contact K&B in Chatham to learn more today.

CertainTeed Vinyl Siding in Chatham, NJ

Vinyl siding has been trusted for generations as a solid siding option for homeowners, but CertainTeed has upped the ante with its products. The siding they manufacture is built to last and comes in many different colors and styles allowing you to showcase your personality without sacrificing on durability. Reach out to us in Chatham to learn more today. 

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding in Chatham, NJ

Another top siding solution for homeowners in northern New Jersey and beyond is James Hardie Fiber Cement siding. It’s a product that not every contractor can install because it requires certification, but our team are Elite Preferred contractors and able to offer products others can’t. Fiber cement siding is immensely strong but also highly stylish as well. It can mimic the look of more traditional options or offer a modern aesthetic with panels. Contact us in Chatham today to learn more about our services.

Engineered Wood Siding in Chatham, NJ

Finally, we’re glad to offer residents of Chatham our engineered wood siding replacement services. We offer two outstanding manufacturers; KWP & LP for the low maintenance but high-quality options that they offer. With engineered wood, you’re getting real wood, not the appearance of wood, so it’s the best option for homeowners looking for a more traditional option. Contact us in Chatham to learn more today.

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Our services at K&B Home Remodelers don’t end at siding. We also help homeowners in Chatham with our roofing, window, and door replacement services. Contact us to learn more

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